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The program is (almost) complete: There is one thing missing: the caches. So stay tuned.

Our location boasts large outdoor grounds. You will find many attractions for younger and older participants here.

T5 Challenges

In collaboration with VERTIC (Sponsor)

Big Shot® Golf

Big Shot® Golf: Hit the target with a Big Shot® and a mini golf ball. At this BigShot® Golf competition there are interesting prizes to win! Use the time to improve your handicap!

VERTIC_T5_BigShotGolf_Turnier_Wettbewerb_Geocaching_Klettern_Seileinbau_Wurfbeutel_Baum_Wurfschnur_Webshop VERTIC Klettern

Trial course for T5 Rope Technique

Trial course for T5 rope technique: You will learn to build a rig for rope technical exercises with safety backup. Dates (30 min per person) can be agreed on Friday evening by Doodle or at the PSA stand. Test the products for T5-climbing (full climbing harness, ascenders, accessory cordages etc.)

VERTIC_T5_Seiltechnik_Schnuppern_Steigklemmen_Abseilgeraete_Aufstieghilfen_Ausruestung_PSA_klettern_Komplettgurt_Baum_Geocaching_Grundkurs VERTIC webshop

Fun and Games and more..

"Swiss" Highland Games: Stone Throwing

Who wants to measure his strength with stone throwing? We are looking for the strongest geocacher and the most accurate kids. Men throw an 18 kg stone, women do it with 12 kg. Who throws the farthest? Children try to throw a 4 kg stone as closely as possible to 3,00 m.


Score a find: Table football


Train for your next FTF: push starting a bob sled

bob anschieben

Hit ground zero: Free fall fun


More to follow. Still seeking sponsors for more attractions..