Our location - the Frauenfeld Commons

Well known for hosting large events.

The Frauenfeld Commons is a busy place: every year it hosts the famous Open Air festival, in 2007 it hosted the national "Turnfest" with 50.000 participants and 100.000 visitors, in 2010 the Swiss Wrestling festival (Schwinger- und Älplerfest) with over 250.000 participants and visitors took place here and of course it is also the home of international horse races. We will be using the ample infrastructure of the racing association.

Frauenfelder Allmend Image Map

The infrastructure will allow us make the optimum of the MEGA event. The Commons offers a lot of room for interesting attractions, excellent gastronomy, exciting talks, a market lane with stalls that sell useful caching gear, beautiful geocoins and of course challenging caches. The grounds border on a nature reserve of national significance, right next to the river Thur.

The town of Frauenfeld

We are hosted in Frauenfeld, an idyllic town on the rivers Thur and Murg that its roots in the 13th century and sports a population of about 25.000. Situated between Zurich and Lake Constance, it is easily accessible both by train and car. As the capital of the canton of Thurgau it offers excellent infrastructure and has successfully hosted countless small, large and huge events.

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