The coin collection

arrived now!!

We proudly present here the MEGA Switzerland Coin Collection.

The collection includes six coins (five plus a helper coin, which is not available for purchase), each carefully designed and manufactured in excellent quality. All have the size of 2 inches and are 4mm thick. The Meeting Friends icon is highlighted vividly in 3D technology. Each coin has been given a name, which will be used for the selection when ordering. The base metals are Special: shiny gold, Thurgovia: antique silver, Ranger: satin silver, Handshake: satin gold, Tussi: satin silver.

The Handshake Geocoin: The Event Coin (included in Advanced and Luxury Package)

Event CoinEvent Coin

The Thurgovia Geocoin: O Thurgau, du Heimat..

Event CoinEvent Coin

The Special Coin: The exclusivity in gold and silver (only as part of the Collection available)

Event CoinEvent Coin

The Tussi Coin: in fancy purple

Event CoinEvent Coin

The Ranger Coin: pure nature

Event CoinEvent Coin

The artist

We have succeeded in gaining the support of the well known coin designer conivo to create our event coins. The person behind the name conivo is Ivo Henggeler, married, father of two daughters, resident of Küssnacht am Rigi. Conivo is of course a geocacher but his passion are geo coins.

Event Coin

But let Ivo speak for himself:

I still remember the day I started geocaching. It was a cold Sunday in February 2008 when I decided to get down to the facts of that ominous hobby. It didn't take long for the geocaching virus to infect me. From the start I was fascinated by the so called geo coins, some of them made with much love, and I longed to create my own. To limit the financial risk we created our first coin in a team of four, consisting of norScot, Sortis, Rigicache and myself. After an intensive phase of creativity our first coin - the geo coin for Central Switzerland - was born. The first editions were available in chrome, gold and black. Since then, the topic has kept me in its grip, further geo coins were created and received positive feedback in the Swiss caching community. We are concentrating on the production of high quality geo coins and the satisfaction of our customers is our declared goal. There is nothing better than seeing the eyes of a geocacher shine with joy after purchasing a beautiful coin.

The whole team is looking forward to the first samples. We will keep you informed.

The MEGA T-Shirt

No MEGA event without the genuine event T-shirts! Wearing this t-short you are recognized as attendee wherever you are caching. It's a great souvenir to remember MEGA Switzerland, even years later. The shirt is available in fashionable "fuchsia" and neural black color. We have sizes for (almost) everybody. All in 100% pure fine cotton quality. The event t-shirt is included in the Luxury Package for advantageous conditions, but you can also order on individual base any time.

das Event Shirt black das Event Shirt fuchia

Please choose colour and size while making the order. The ordered shirts will be handed over to you at the welcome desk during the event. Sorry, no shipping.