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The MEGA event is organised by the association "Frauenfelder Geocacher". The association was founded in spring 2010 to sponsor the MEGA event. Armin Jossi [AlpineRooster] was elected president, the remaining members of the board are Ruth Wohler [mostindianer] and Jürg Uhlmann [löwe_fridolin]

The organisation of the event is handled by the organising committee, especially its president, Thomas Wattinger [stettfurter], and the responsible persons for infrastructure (Sandro Camathias [luagsh]), programme (Beat Ehrensperger [6-pack] and Reto Hafner [ionpaint]), finances and advertising (Jürg Uhlmann [löwe_fridolin] and Tobias Keller [salsafrösch] . They are supported by the secretariat Ruth Wohler [mostindianer].

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